The Fusion Booth Company has invested in technology which makes our booth stand out from the rest.

Our newest investment has been in the worlds most advanced green screen technology ‘The Incredible Booth’.  Guests can also choose animated GIF’s and video messages, all with stunning backdrops.

This fantastic piece of software provides clients with a fantastic selection of green screen backgrounds with many different themes.  Along with the stunning new layouts and the integrated social media this really does make our booth a fantastic source of fun!

The screens are very easy to navigate, meaning guests can get their fun picture of animated GIF’s in just a few minutes.

View the software at and see this amazing technology for yourself.

We can’t wait for you all to experience our booth!


Why Use The Fusion Booth Company?

Fusion Booth are unique to the market as we have incorporated the fusion of a conventional photo booth and karaoke machine into one.   As well as putting on that cheeky smile you can now sing to your favourite songs, choosing from thousands of tracks.  We can even set up a playlist for you to have ready and waiting for your guests to sing along to.

When you book with us we will work with you to ensure everything is tailored for your needs.  We can personalise your photo print outs and styles based on your own specifications, and within our list of extras you can tailor the exterior of booth to make it more personal. You can also choose from a selection of personalised guest books where guests can insert images and messages for you to keep as a special memory of your event.

Your guests can choose from photo-cubes, key rings, magnets and photo frames to complement their pictures, and will be available to buy on the night for an extra cost.

We Just Got Better!

Just when we thought that adding The Incredible Software was enough, we have now invested in a Photo Design Gallery to make your event even more personalised!

Browse through thousands of print designs, choosing from different themes, then let us know which one you would like to use.

It’s really just as easy as that!

Fusion Booth?

You may well be wondering why I decided to call my company ‘The Fusion Booth Company’, and I would like to explain that so it can make sense to you!  You may well be wondering just what service I am offering.

Deciding on a name that was catchy was so important, and had to be one which sounded modern, as well as being able to promote what we do.  Essentially I am offering two services in one booth.  Those services are REAL karaoke as well a conventional photo booth which can do many things.

I sat with my husband and tried to brainstorm words which sounded modern, but ones which were also able to adequately define the booth we were offering.  It was a rather difficult task, and one which I even asked my friends to help with.  After many hours, and no idea why really, the word ‘Fusion’ entered my head!  Maybe it was the fact my husband studied science, or it was a word that I had recently saw whilst browsing the internet, but when I mentioned it to my husband he said it sounded good.  It was surprising, considering he didn’t like anything else I suggested!

Fusion – the process or result of joining two or more things together to form a single entity.

It was perfect!  Finally I had my company name, but I still wanted to make it sound modern and sleek, hence the reason I decided to go with ‘The Fusion Booth Company’.